Monday, May 20, 2013

Tips to keep your kids safe at the pool

It's that time of year again when families are getting ready to go swimming. Whether you have your own pool or you are going to someone else's pool,  you need to take safety precautions.  Floaties which are also known as water wings are the most common product on the market, but they can leak air or come off of slippery little arms.  Instead, use a life vest.  And those pool noodles you find at most dollar stores?  They're a toy—and they shouldn't be used by children who aren't strong swimmers, they can be useful for parents who might not be strong swimmers because they can be used as a reaching device to help a struggling swimmer.  Every pool in Georgia is required to have a shepherd's crook and a ring buoy,  you should keep them close by at all times, because the closer they are, the quicker you can help someone in distressIf you go to a lake or a beach this summer, you should take a reaching tool with you.  It can be as simple as a mop or a broom handle, something that can allow you to help someone else struggling in the water.  Have a great summer and stay safe.

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