Thursday, May 30, 2013

Freedom of speech??

Freedom of speech from a Christians point of view.  We have a friend named David who loves the Lord as we do and he loves to witness to people.  He has gone as far as Indiana to spread the word of our Lord.  He never misses an opportunity to witness.  He passes out tracts, they look like business cards, real cool.  No he does not make people take them.  It's entirely up to the person who he has approached if they want a tract or to hear the gospel.  Well he told me today how this past weekend he went to Stone Mountain Park and was witnessing to 3 Muslim women and they were listening and having a great conversation, when out of the blue some crazed lady started yelling and getting loud telling David to leave those women alone they don't want to hear it.  Then that womans husband started on David too.  So these crazy people had nothing better to do than to go to park patrol and tell them that David was witnessing.  You know its not up to the crazy people to determine if those Muslim women should hear what David was saying, its up to them.  If they were listening whats the big deal??  Just because some people may not want to hear the gospel doesn't mean other people don't want to or shouldn't.  Since David wasn't talking to that crazed couple to begin with maybe they should of kept on walking.  So the park patrol told David where he could witness, that there was a place for that in the food court area.  To me anytime is a great time to spread the word of God.  I say keep doing what you are doing David.  One love, One way, One God!!  John 3:16

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