Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A story of being reunited.

13 years ago when Alyssa Haskew was 6 years old she was in an accident after the car was knocked out of gear.  On that the day Scott Thomas was the paramedic who helped save her life.  She has waited more than a decade to say thank you to Mr. Thomas.  The story aired last week on the news in search of the paramedic who helped her.  She said the he stayed with her and he held her hand when they sewed up her face.

After the story aired, Mr. Thomas said his phone started ringing off the hook.  He said, "that everyone remembers the call, because it tore me up a little bit".  On Tuesday he met with Alyssa and she got to thank him.  Mr. Thomas said, "what makes this reunion even better is that it's EMS Appreciation Week, but he said that he doesn't feel like a hero".  God was on both of their shoulders that day and took care of Alyssa.  Thank God for people who love to help people.  Its more than their job,  its their compassion and love for others.

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