Wednesday, May 29, 2013

School's out for SUMMER!!

Well its not officially summer yet, but school is out.  Time to have lots of fun.  Whether its fishing, swimming, playing basketball, vacations or having a bbq, its all about spending time with the family.  So far to kick off our summer before its summer we have been swimming, and fishing.  Swimming is awesome to cool off on these hot days.  Just use the sunscreen.  You gotta protect your skin.  Little ones should always wear floaties or a kiddie life vest.  Even the older children should use precautions while swimming:  No running (slippery when wet), No diving in shallow water (you could hit your head), NEVER swim alone.  Just a few rules that should be taken seriously.  Fishing well that's a smelly situation.  Oh and slimy..gross.  I love fishing, but I can't touch the worms, to slimy for me.  Oh and what about the smell in the house after you filet the fish you caught???  Smells real good huh?  Yeah right.  Stinky!!  It's fun family time here in the south and we here hope everyone there has a safe and fun summer!!  

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