Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bailey O'Neil

On an earlier blog I wrote about a boy named Bailey.  He got into a fight at school, which is thought to be a bullying situation.  And shortly after he started having seizures and the doctors put him on life support.  The day after he turned 12 his parents took him off life support.  Today I got to thinking about him and wondered if they came up with his cause of death.  Well I read that the seizures had nothing to do with him being hit 4 times, 2 of those hits being to the face.  I pray for his mom and his family.  Remember this little boy and remember that the bullying has got to stop!!  If your child sees someone being bullied, please tell them to tell a teacher or a counselor.  No child deserves to be bullied and if we don't defend them then who will?

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