Tuesday, May 28, 2013

See ya later, Alligator

Alligator in the Chattahoochee River, OH MY!!  Rangers believe the alligator has made a home in the swamp land in the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area on the Cobb County side of the river but near some condos and apartments.  There have been sightings for a few years,  and yesterday finally there are photos.  The photo is of a 8-10 foot almost 300 pound gator just lying there.  Not sure if I'd been standing there taking pictures, but my husband would of. Regular sightings have prompted the park service to post warning signs near the swamps and main walking trails. The signs urge hikers to keep their small pets on a leash.  Some are worried that recent wet weather pushed the alligator's turf closer to apartments.  They are leaving the gator at the river for now, so be on the look out.  Be safe.

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