Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's getting HOT out here!!

It's getting hot here in south.  I can't stand when it's freezing, so I say I can't wait for it to get warm.  Now that it is getting warm or HOT, I'm ready for it to be cool.  On these hot days there is nothing better than cooking outside on the grill.  It keeps the inside of our house from getting so hot.  The smell of the grill, well there's nothing better.
  Yesterday hamburgers, and today some honey chicken kabobs.  Sounds yummy huh??  Well back to this heat, it's horrible.  Today we washed our car.
The cold water made it easier to be outside.  A few splashes here and there.  It was fun, a family fun time washing the car.  How my boys can ride bikes and play basketball in this heat I don't know. 
Last night after the sun went down, we played a basketball game of loser, that was fun too.  Hubby was first out, then me, then my oldest son, and my youngest son won.   Family time is always fun even when its hot outside. 

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