Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Poor Baby!

Today as I scanned the internet news, I came across a story about a newborn baby in China.  So I thought I would read it and see what was going on.  Well come to find out a newborn baby was stuck in a sewer pipe, after the mother of the baby gave birth in the toilet.  The mother of the baby said that she the baby slipped out of her hands and went down the toilet drain.  The baby was freed by firefighters a few hours after the call was made about sounds coming from the pipes.  The baby was taken to the hospital and is said to be stable, except for a few bruises on his legs, arms, and head.  The baby known at the hospital as Baby No. 59, weighed 6 pounds, 2.8 ozs.  People have came to the hospital to donate diapers, formula, and clothes.  Pray for this precious baby boy.  Here's a video of his freedom from the sewer pipe.

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