Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My hubby, my hero!!

As I sit here in this hospital and listen to the sounds of the equipment I thank God my husband is doing good.  I pray that the person receiving his kidney has no problems and her body accepts her new kidney.  It broke my heart today when they brought my hubby to his room.  He was breathing hard and in so much pain.  I did ask him if he was ready to do it again, he said, "no".  Then I asked him if he had it to do over would he?  He paused for a few seconds and said,  "yes".  What a great gift he gave to someone else to help them have a normal life without all the machines involved in kidney failure.  He is sleeping at the moment and his mouth is so dry.  Poor guy, earlier all he could do was get sick.  Not good with all the cutting, stitches, and glue.  I pray everything goes good with him and that he has a normal life without one of his kidneys.  He's one of the best people I know and I am thankful his heart is like it is today.  So thoughtful, caring and giving.  I'm proud of the Christian man he has become.  I thank God for him and I will always love and cherish him.  Keep him in prayer.  Thank yall!!

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