Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rice not only good for eating

Have you ever dropped your cell phone in water or milk??  What did you do??  Have a panic attack??  Well don't.  If you can get your phone help asap you might be able to save it.  My son dropped his phone in milk while he was eating cereal, the phone work for a minute, but after that it would cut on and off.  Well he did't know what to do, so we goggled.  We found that rice would help.  So what we did was take the back off the phone, took the battery out, took the memory card out, and put the phone and battery, and memory card into a bowl.  After that we poured dry rice over the phone, battery, and memory card.  you got to cover it all completely.  We left it all in the bowl for 24 hours.  After 24 hours I put the phone back together and it worked.  I told my best friend about it because she is always dropping her phone in the toliet or bathtub, and she tried it and it worked too.  So if you ever drop your phone in a liquid try rice before taking it somewhere to get fixed.

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